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How To Fix UltraFire C3 Tailcap

A common problem with some of the Dealextreme Flashlilghts are bad contacts. Sometimes are due to dust, but in other occasions is more a contact problem. This is the case of a UltraFire C3 Cree that I bought some days ago.

The flashlight won´t turn on (even with fresh batterys) but the unit was working, because if I
test it with a clip, the light came on. So, after some serch I realize that the problem was on the tail cap, and I think of a bad contact.

The solution is easy. All you have to do, is disassemble the tail cap. To do it, all you need is a very small screwdriver. The tailcap has 2 little holes, put the scredriver in one of them, and unscrew the "silver" cover.Once you reach here, you must turn this part, and you´ll see again a black part with another 2 holes. Ok, we must repeat all the same one more time and we´ll reach the switch, that consist in 2 parts: the circuit board with the "button", and the "container" of the board:

We must take apart all the componets, and we´ll se that the "board" has an outline with silver cover. This outline, in some occasions, makes bad contact with the container, so the flaslight won´t turn on.

The solution is easy, just add a little aluminium foil to the "container", taking care of shortcuts, so the contact betwen this two parts improves.

Now, all you have to do is to reassemble the tail cap, and everything shoould work ok right now.

P.D. Sorry for my bad english.

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Eric dijo...

Thank you for this wonderful how-to. It has fixed the problem with my flashlight. Muchísimas gracias!

TimP dijo...

Thanks, this has significantly improved my own light.

Brow Furrowed dijo...

Mucho gracias amigo. This fixed my light :-)

Anónimo dijo...

This was great, thanks heaps! :)

arthuraskey dijo...

fixed my problem too!
great work thanks!